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Pavo InShape Program

The complete weight loss program for horses

The Pavo InShape Program is a complete program to allow your horse to lose weight in a healthy and responsible way. The program is based on three important pillars which are essential: management (how do you take care of your horse), exercise and nutrition. The program consists of various chapters in which you will find out more about these pillars, alternated with experiences told by horse owners who have already followed the program. Which problems did they encounter during the weight loss program? And how did they solve these problems? We are proud that various experts, each with their own expertise, have contributed to this wonderful program.

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With the Pavo InShape Program, you will:

  • Find out how much your horse is overweight
  • Receive tips to optimize your management
  • Evaluate your horse’s physical condition with a fitness test
  • Receive training schemes and tips for extra fat burning
  • Calculate how much roughage your horse can eat while losing weight
  • Learn which types of food are best suited to your goal
  • Receive logbooks to keep a record of the progress

Our experts

Veerle Vandendriessche

Nutritionist, equine veterinary surgeon (Diplomate ECVCN)

Nutritionist and veterinary surgeon Veerle Vandendriessche contributed the lion’s share. Her title Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary and Comparative Nutrition (ECVCN) shows that she is one of the absolute world class nutritionists. Veerle has specialized in horses and pets and is one of 36 European ‘diplomats’, two of whom are engaged fulltime with horse feed. Veerle has supported more than one weight loss program for horses and knows better than anyone else what is involved and what problems owners face.

Dr. Carolien Munsters

Sports physiologist

Carolien obtained her doctorate with a thesis on the sport physiology of the horse. By translating scientific knowledge into practice, she assists riders and coaches in improving their performance. With her company Moxie Sport, she has already helped a large number of top riders with analyses and/or support, among other things for the 2012 Olympics in London and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Currently, she is helping several combinations with their preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In addition, Carolien gives courses in the field of sport physiology for horses, she works as a researcher at the Utrecht University faculty of Veterinary medicine and is an embedded scientist for horse sports (NOC*NSF).

Irene Tosi

Sports physiologist

Irene studied Veterinary medicine at the University of Milan (Italy) and after that specialised in physiologic research on horses at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Liège (Belgium). She lectures and supervises students in the area of physiology of sport horses. She also carries out research into the effects of exercise on muscles in the horse’s body.

Test: what is the body condition score of your horse?

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Part of the Pavo InShape Program

Feed is one of the three pillars of the Pavo InShape Program. When you are trying to make your horse lose weight, it is - just as in people - important to prevent muscle wasting. As your horse will exercise more, the muscles will be put to work. Extra protein is required to help the muscles recover after exercising and to prevent muscle tissue from being used as a replacement energy source, which will cause muscle wasting. Pavo InShape is a completely vitaminised muesli and especially developed to optimally support horses during a weight loss program. With Pavo InShape, you will give your horse all the daily required vitamins, minerals and trace elements and it is free of cereals. As a result, the sugar, starch and energy levels are very low. When you are fighting overweight, it is essential that your horse does not get any extra energy.