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Sustainable soya production

Pavo buys soya via the ForFarmers business group. In 2015, 70% of all the bought soya was sustainable soy that came from a RTRS certificated cultivation. Pavo is aiming for a 100% sustainable RTRS certificated soya by 2020.

What exactly is RTRS soya

RTRS means Round Table on Responsible Soya, where the entire soya chain (manufacturers, industries, dealers and finances) works together to stop the negative environmental impacts made by soya, by setting up minimum requirements and to improve the social requirements for the workers. The Round Table is a voluntary, global platform for all the different parties along the soya’s value added chain. Members are soya-producers, representatives of the industry, dealer and finance institutions and non-governmental organizations.

European Directives for sustainable produced soya

For Farmers is part of Nevedi, “Nederlandse Vereniging Diervoederindustrie”, the Dutch Federation for the Animal Feed Industry.
On the 25th of March 2015, the Soya Sourcing Guidelines were founded by the European umbrella organisation FEFAC (the European Nevedi). In order to call soya production responsible, soya must be produced with a minimum of 50% of RTRS’ demands.

FEFAC demands that all the different industries in the soya chain must satisfy the different requirements (so called majors) -for example the deforestation, payed wages, discrimination, child labour, use of pesticides, legal directives and laws and environmental requirements- in order to call it  sustainable. Nevedi has complied itself to these FEFAC-directives for the use of responsible soya. This means that all feed suppliers that are affiliated to Nevedi use 100% responsible soya since 2015.

This development is crucial for the Dutch animal feed industry, says Nevedi director Henk Flipsen. “The FEFAC-directives ensure more consciousness in other EU-countries to buy sustainable soya. This also means that the amount of RTRS certificated soya will increase.”

Forecast horizon 2020 shows that ForFarmes will buy 100% RTRS certificated soya in 2020.