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Horse too thin, gaining weight

A lot of horses loose condition in winter. This could have been caused by, for instance, a worm infection, teeth problems, stress or pain. You have to call the vet when a horse looses weight very quickly. But more...
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Fast and slow releasing energy

There are several equestrian disciplines and each discipline requires different skills from the horse and rider. For dressage you need discipline, patience and stamina. On race courses you see super sprinters who...
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A joint is the point of connection between two (or more) bones or elements of a skeleton (especially if it allows motion). To facilitate movement, the bones of a joint are shaped to match perfectly (ball- and socket)....
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Injuries occur in every sport. It happens to people as well as horses. A horse is considered lame when pain causes him to alter the usual weight distribution on one or more limbs. Lameness can be the result of...
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The incredible power of linseed

We all know that the oil from linseed, gives your horse a beautifully shiny coat. But did you know that linseed also contains many healthy unsaturated fats such as linolic acid? And that linseed in combination with...
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Muesli for horses: the pros and cons

Muesli for horses, are there truly any benefits? What distinguishes muesli from pellets? Is it possible to find sugar-free muesli? Many people only dare to give a handful of muesli because of fear for overweight....
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What do horses eat?

‘What should I feed my horse?’ this is one of the most frequently asked questions to our nutritionists. The subject of horse feed is not an easy one, as sport horses have different feed requirements...
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Magnesium: a matter of life or death

Magnesium, together with calcium, plays an important role in the mechanism of the muscles. In simple terms, calcium looks after the tension of the muscles and magnesium looks after the relaxation. It does happen...
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10 tips to make a thin horse fatter

Is your horse too thin? A horse with a hollow appearance behind the ribs, at the flanks, is an indication of a roughage deficiency. If you can see your horse’s ribs and the hindquarters have a hollow appearance...
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Proteins up close

Of all the components of your horse’s diet, protein is probably the most misunderstood. Long assumed to function as an energy source for the body, protein mainly functions to provide amino acids (the building...
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How the muscles acidify less quickly

In this article, we draw on scientific research to explain how the supplement Pavo MuscleCare is formulated and which substances are important for sport horses. Hard training and irregular work take their toll...
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Roughage analysis is a must

Roughage contains less and less energy and protein. This is shown by the analyses carried out by Pavo during the last decade. How much energy and proteins does your roughage contain? Having roughage analyzed...
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