feeding and care of horses


What are quality horse feeds?

Feeds need to be of the highest quality. Needless to say we believe that what is important in human food production should also apply to horse feeds.

Many horse feed manufacturers talk about quality products. However, that is easier said than done. What does quality mean to Pavo and just as important what does it mean for your horse?

  • The grains in our cube feeds are extruded and in our mueslis micronised. These processes significantly increase the digestibility of our feeds meaning less needs to be fed. 
  • Except for Pavo SpeediBeet, which is available as a separate product, Pavo does not use any products that swell up after being ingested (such as sugar beet pulp). Products that swell up after ingestion can cause blockage of the gullet.
  • Our cubes have a diameter of 8mm, horses chew longer on 8mm as opposed to 5mm cubes.
  • Microminerals (iron, copper, zinc & manganese) are added as much as possible in a chelated form. Chelated minerals are attached to organic molecules (simple sugars or proteins), which increases their absorption.
  • Highly digestible fibres and sources of superior quality protein are also included in the raw materials used to produce Pavo horse feeds. 

Which requirements should a quality feed actually meet?

Our goal is to guarantee maximal feed safety. A detailed risk analysis is undertaken for every supplier, from the raw ingredients source of origin until arrival at Pavo.

In order to carry out this analysis we employ the following quality and guarantee systems: