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Pavo InShapePart of the Pavo InShape Program

Pavo InShape - Part of the Pavo InShape Program

About Pavo InShape

Pavo InShape is part of the Pavo InShape Program: the complete weight loss program for horses

Did you know that more than 80% of all leisure horses are overweight? It might look pretty, a beautiful, round horse, but overweight can lead to many health risks, such as an increased risk of serious colic, insulin resistance and laminitis. So it is time to do something about it! The Pavo InShape Program has been set up to help all overweight horses and ponies to lose weight in a healthy and responsible way. This weight loss program has been compiled by experts and consists of three parts: management, exercise and feed. Only by combining those three, you will achieve the best results.

Prevent muscle wasting during a weight loss program

Feed is one of the three pillars of the Pavo InShape Program. When you are trying to make your horse lose weight, it is - just as in people - important to prevent muscle wasting. As your horse will exercise more, the muscles will be put to work. Extra protein is required to help the muscles recover after exercising and to prevent muscle tissue from being used as a replacement energy source, which will cause muscle wasting. You could compare this with a protein shake that people take when we, perhaps all of a sudden, start to exercise more. With Pavo InShape, your horse will get all he needs in addition to his roughage.

Pavo InShape: optimum feed support for the Pavo InShape Program

Pavo InShape is a completely vitaminised muesli with natural antioxidants and especially developed to optimally support horses during a weight loss program. In addition to a unique high-quality protein (methionine) that supports fat burning, Pavo InShape also contains an extra high amount of protein to help the muscles to recover after exercise and to prevent muscle wasting. Furthermore, with Pavo InShape, you will give your horse all the daily required vitamins, minerals and trace elements, thanks to the Pavo Vital pellets, and it is free of cereals. As a result, the sugar, starch and energy levels are very low. When you are fighting overweight, it is essential that your horse does not get any extra energy. Moreover, the low sugar and starch levels will support horses with a disrupted sugar metabolism, which is often caused by overweight.

Pavo Vital InShape is part of the Pavo InShape Program and will, combined with the right exercise and management, result in your horse regaining its optimal weight, which will contribute to your horse’s health.

Download here the Pavo InShape Program for free and start today!

Important characteristics
  • Part of the Pavo InShape Program
  • Optimal support during weight loss
  • High-quality protein (methionine) to support fat burning
  • Extra high protein content to promote muscle recovery and prevent muscle wasting
  • Complete daily vitamins, minerals and trace elements (Pavo Vital inside!)
  • Free of cereals
  • Very low sugar and starch content
  • Very low energy content
  • For horses and ponies that actively take part in a weight loss program
  • For horses and ponies that participate in the Pavo InShape Program
Feeding advice

In addition to roughage, give daily 150 grams Pavo InShape per 100 kg body weight when you are following the Pavo InShape Program in order to allow your horse to lose weight. For a pony (300 kg) this means 450 grams per day, for a horse (600 kg) 900 grams per day. If possible, distribute this quantity over several meals a day. 

  • Daily advice: 150 gr/100kg body weight

Scoop content:

  • 1 full Pavo feed scoop InShape contains approximately 830 grams

Product Specifications

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Lucerne (alfalfa) 40.5 %
Soya (bean), extracted, toasted 26 %
Hay 10 %
Timothy 7.8 %
Carrot flakes 3 %
Potato protein 3 %
Peas Flakes 2 %
Linseedoil 2 %
Straw 1.5 %
Cane Molasses 1.2 %
Sodium chloride
Calcium carbonate
Magnesium Oxide
Citrus pulp

Minerals and trace elements (per kg)

Calcium 1,01 %
Phosphorus 0,32 %
Sodium 0,45 %
Potassium 2,22 %
Magnesium 0,15 %
Copper 90 mg
Zinc 280 mg
Manganese 420 mg
Selenium 1,1 mg
Iodine 3,4 mg

Chelated minerals
Organic form of Selenium

Shelf life

mth 6

Guaranteed analysis

Energy (DE) 9.5 MJ/kg
Energy (EWpa) 0.65
Energy (ME) 8,1 MJ/kg
Crude protein 23,5 %
Crude fat 4,1 %
Crude fibre 19,4 %
Crude ash 9,2 %
Sugar 4,7 %
Starch 3,5 %
Lysine 1,3 %
Methionine 1,1 %

Feeding advice

Water should always be available


150g per 100 kg of body weight per day


Bags 15 kg

Vitamin levels (per kg)

Vitamin A 2.800 IE
Vitamin D3 3.920 IE
Vitamin E 672 mg
Vitamin B1 45 mg
Vitamin B2 45 mg
Vitamin B6 28 mg
Vitamin C 560 mg
Pantothenic acid 45 mg
Folin 25 mg
Niacinamide 118 mg
D-Biotin 2.240 mcg

Storage advise

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Reclose after usage

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