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Pavo Podo®Care LiquidFoal paste to support good bone growth

Pavo Podo®Care Liquid - Foal paste to support good bone growth

About Pavo Podo®Care Liquid

In the period just after birth, a foal only wants to drink milk from the mare.  Through the mother milk, foals take in all kinds of nutrients which they need to live and grow. However, the quantity of minerals that foals take in particularly during the first months of life, is insufficient to support an optimum bone growth. During its first month, a warmblood foal grows more than a kilo per day (!), as a result of which it has a tremendous need for bone minerals, such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium; much more than it can absorb from the mother milk. For a healthy foal with good bone growth, it is important to supplement these minerals.

Foal paste for a good bone growth

Pavo PodoCare Liquid is a liquid minerals mixture in paste form. Pavo Podo Care liquid belongs to the same family as the standard Pavo PodoCare (in small pellets). We developed this paste especially to be able to provide very young foals that do not eat pellets yet, with all the essential minerals. So doesn’t your foal want to eat the Pavo PodoCare pellets, or not yet? Then Pavo PodoCare Liquid is the ideal solution to support an optimum bone growth from the very first weeks onwards. 

Phosphorus and magnesium in Pavo PodoCare Liquid

Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium are the bone minerals that are required to produce healthy bone tissue. The mare’s milk does contain these minerals, but research has shown that it does not contain sufficient phosphorus and magnesium to support the enormous growth of the bones during the first months of life. And not only is the absolute quantity important, the correct mutual ratio is also vitally important. Too much of one mineral or too little of the other can indeed result in bone disorders, such as OC or OCD. Just as Pavo PodoCare pellets, Pavo PodoCare Liquid contains phosphorus and magnesium in exactly the right amount and mutual ratio to optimally support the bone growth of the young foal.

Scientific research amongst warmblood foals has shown that providing the foal with magnesium and phosphorus during the first twelve months of its life has a positive effect on the prevention of OC and OCD.

How to administer Pavo PodoCare Liquid

  1. Stir the PodoCare Liquid until the oil has been completely mixed with the product.
  2. Take the cap from the syringe and fill it up to the maximum (= 32 ml).
  3. Gently slide the syringe through the corner of the foal’s mouth and empty it into the back of its mouth.
  4. After usage, take the syringe apart.


Do not clean the syringe with water, but store it, parts separated, until its next usage. Due to the oil, the paste does not dry up, so cleaning is not necessary.

Important characteristics
  • The best start for a healthy foal
  • Supports a healthy bone growth
  • Scientifically substantiated effect
  • Liquid paste including 3 syringes
  • For the first 60 days of a foal’s life
  • For young foals that do not eat pellets yet
Feeding advice

Pavo advises to start with PodoCare Liquid at an age of 14 days. Give your foal for a period of 60 days 1 full syringe (32 ml) per day. Subsequently you can change to Pavo PodoCare pellets and/or the Pavo PodoStart when the foal has started to eat pellets. As from the moment your foal eats 1 kg PodoStart a day, it will get all the necessary nutrients and the addition of a PodoCare supplement will no longer be required.  

  • 1 full syringe (32 ml) per day
  • Start with the first syringe at the age of 14 days
  • Give PodoCare Liquid for a period of 60 days and then change to PodoCare pellets or PodoStart

Pavo PodoCare Liquid is available in a 2 litre bucket which suffices for one foal for a period of 60 days.

Product Specifications

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Vegetable oil and fat (palm)
Magnesium phosphate
Mono-, di- and triglycerides of fatty acids (palm)


Bucket 2 kg

Storage advise

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Reclose after usage

Guaranteed analysis

Crude protein 30,0 %
Crude fat 56,3 %
Crude fibre 0,0 %
Crude ash 28.5 %

Minerals and trace elements (per kg)

Phosphorus 3,4 %
Magnesium 8,3 %
Sodium 0,0 %

Shelf life

Bags 12 mth

Vitamin levels (per kg)

β-Carotene 1.875 mg
Vitamin E 4.167 mg

Feeding advice

Per day    1 syringe (32 ml)  


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