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Pavo Ease&ExcelInnovative blend to support gastric function

Pavo Ease&Excel - Innovative blend to support gastric function

About Pavo Ease&Excel

About Pavo Ease&Excel
Pavo Ease&Excel is an innovative, well-structured performance feed, especially developed for a good acid-base balance in the stomach and therefore ultimately suitable for sport horses which need to perform. It’s a complete concentrate feed with a high energy content from easily digestible fibres and vegetable oil and with a very low sugar and starch content.

The Protexin In Feed-Formula
Pavo Ease&Excel contains the patented ‘Protexin In-Feed Formula’, which supports the functioning of the small intestine, caecum and large intestine. Protexin is a unique mix of natural acid inhibitors, beta-glucans, Gum Arabic, prebiotics and probiotics. The natural acid inhibitors, including calcium and magnesium, neutralise the stomach acid, while Gum Arabic supports the general health of the digestive tract wall.Protexin also contains prebiotics and probiotics. These substances promote optimum development of the bacteria in the caecum and large intestine and therefore ensure healthy intestinal flora.

It’s important for you to adjust your management and also offer plenty of roughage alongside Pavo Ease&Excel, in order to achieve optimal results. Opt for the minimum roughage intake of 1.5% of the body weight in dry matter, divided across as many meals as possible per day.

Tip: Mix Pavo Ease&Excel with Pavo DailyPlus to reduce the absorption rate and increase the chewing intensity!


The product Pavo Ease&Excel is not available in the United Kingdom.  

Important characteristics
  • Well-structured sport muesli to stimulate chewing
  • High in energy from highly digestible fibers and oils
  • Very low sugar  (6%) and starch (8%)
  • High-quality proteins for a faster recovery of the muscles after training
  • Contains the patented ‘Protexin In Feed – Formula’ which supports the functioning of the small intestine, caecum and large intestine.  

Which horse can benefit from Pavo Ease&Excel?

  • Horses with a sensitive stomach
  • Horses with a poor appetite
  • Nervous and stressed horses
  • Horses which require extra support with muscle recovery
Feeding advice
  • Medium work: 0.45 kg per 100 kg of body weight per day
  • Heavy work: 0.6 kg per 100 kg of body weight per day
  • Maximum: 1.0 kg per 100 kg of body weight per day

Feed scoop content

  • A full Pavo feed scoop Pavo Ease&Excel contains approximately 850 gram.

Product Specifications

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Soya hulls
Oat hulls
Lucerne (alfalfa)
Soybean oil
Beet pulp
Soya (bean), extracted, toasted
Cane Molasses
Wheat feed
Calcium carbonate
Sodium chloride

Shelf life

Shelf life 5 mth

Minerals and trace elements (per kg)

Copper 65 mg
Iron 65 mg
Zinc 150 mg
Manganese 55 mg
Cobalt 1,0 mg
Selenium 0,3 mg
Iodine 1,2 mg

Chelated minerals
Organic form of Selenium


Bags 15 kg


Energy (EWpa) 0,95 EWpa
Energy (DE) 13 MJ
Energy (ME) 11,1 MJ/kg
Crude protein 13,0 %
Crude fat 10,5 %
Crude fibre 18,0 %
Crude ash 8,0 %
Sugar 6,0 %
Starch 8 %
Calcium 1,2 %
Phosphorus 0,6 %
Sodium 0,3 %
Magnesium 0,4 %

Storage advise

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Reclose after usage

Vitamin levels (per kg)

Vitamin A 13.000 IE
Vitamin D3 1.300 IE
Vitamin E 375 mg

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