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Pavo S.O.S. KitSurvival kit for the birth of a foal

Pavo S.O.S. Kit - Survival kit for the birth of a foal

About Pavo S.O.S. Kit

This survival kit is easy to prepare and of vital importance for orphan foals and foals receiving little or no colostrum from the mare.

Important characteristics

The S.O.S. Kit contains:

Pavo Colostrum - (2 bags of 150g):

  • Provides the newborn foal with protective antibodies against infection
  • Essential for resistance in the first 48 hours

Pavo FoalMilk -  (1 bag of 1500g)

  • Geared to the specific composition of mare’s milk
  • Feeding bottle with teat (1x)

Inclusive a comprehensive manual.

  • Use the Pavo S.O.S. kit immediately after the birth of the foal if there are problems with the mare's milk supply (preferably within the first 3 hours, no later than 12 hours after birth).
  • To be absolutely safe, request a complete health check of your foal by your vet within 24 hours of birth.
  • We recommend heating the milk or keeping the milk warm "au bain marie". The "au bain marie" method is heating something in or above warm water. Take a large pan or bowl with a minimum content of 1liter and put this in or above a larger pan with hot water. The "au bain marie" method prevents curdling or scorching.
  • Neveuse the microwave to warm Pavo Colostrum. The anti-bodies in the colostrum can loose their protective qualities because of high temperatures. It is okay to warm the Pavo FoalMilk in a microwave.


Product Specifications

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Frequently asked questions

How should horse feeds be stored?

All horse feeds should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Close the bag after each use.

Do any Pavo products contain substances relevant to doping?

PAVO producten can be safetly used when you compete at FEI sanctioned competitions. For detailed information check our pages regarding product quality.

Due to different national doping requirements, please be aware of specific regulations regarding your home country.

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