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Pavo ProteinPlusDietary protein deficit supplement

Pavo ProteinPlus - Dietary protein deficit supplement

About Pavo ProteinPlus

With a low-grade fodder, a grain-free diet, or where there is an increased protein requirement (e.g. for sports horses or older horses) your horse will often not be receiving enough protein to meet its daily requirements. Pavo ProteinPlus allows you to supplement their diet with purely essential amino acids (protein). This is the easy way to supplement a dietary protein deficit to support the general health of your horse, without otherwise affecting the diet.

Why horses must have sufficient proteins 

Proteins comprise separate building blocks, known as amino acids, and are critical for all kinds of processes within the body. Proteins strengthen the immune system, promote coat and hoof growth in your horse, and allow cell renewal. Moreover, proteins are essential for muscle development and the regulation of hormonal functions, but also for growth of foals and lactation in broodmares. Sufficient protein in the diet is therefore not just important for the muscles as many people believe, but is essential for the all-round health of a horse.

When supplementing the diet with protein is advisable

The results from numerous rough fodder analyses show that the protein content of our hay continues to fall. In fact, it is so low that the daily requirements can no longer be met for horses on maintenance. Let alone horses in intensive sports, or pregnant/lactating mares. Supplementing with a protein-rich concentrate is then an option, but in doing so you may often be providing energy, vitamins, and minerals that your horse does not necessarily need. An exclusive protein source such as Pavo ProteinPlus, is the perfect solution here.

Important characteristics
  • Concentrated, high-quality protein
  • A supplement solely for dietary protein deficit
  • Rich in essential amino acids (including lysine, methionine and threonine)
  • Supports general health

Ideal for:

  • Poor quality rough fodder (low protein)
  • A grain-free diet
  • Thin horses that are receiving adequate fodder
  • Increased protein requirement, i.e. for pregnant/lactating mares, older horses, sports horses, young horses, and horses in recovery
  • Poor coat and hoof condition
Feeding advice

Protein requirements differ by type of horse and the situation. Use the following chart to find the daily feeding recommendation for your horse.

Type of horse

Body weight

Horse (600 kg)

Pony (300 kg)

No, or light, work


50 g

Sports horse



    Light work

100 – 150g

50 – 75g

    Medium work

150 – 200g

75 – 100g

   Heavy work

150 – 300g

75 – 100g

Thin horse

100 – 200g

50 – 100g

Older horse

100 – 200g

50 – 100g

In recovery

100 – 200g

50 – 100g

Pregnant mare

100 – 200g

50 – 100g

Lactating mare

200 – 400g

100 – 200g

Young horse <2.5 years

100 – 200g

50 – 100 g

Tip: Analyse your roughage with the help of the Pavo Roughage Quickscan to find out precisely how much protein is in your roughage.

Product Specifications

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Guaranteed analysis

Crude protein 37,2 %
Crude fat 4 %
Crude fibre 10 %
Crude ash 9 %
Sodium 0,33 %
Methionine 25 mg / kg
Lysine 100 mg / kg
Threonine 55 mg / kg

Storage advise

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Reclose after usage

Shelf life

Shelf life 18 mth

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