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Pavo LigaThe concentrate for Icelandic horses and other good doers

Pavo Liga - The concentrate for Icelandic horses and other good doers

About Pavo Liga

Breeds of horses and ponies that are good doers or maintain their weight well do not require high-energy concentrate feeds. Pavo Liga has been specially developed for good doers to provide all the essential vitamins such as vitamin E, biotin for strong hooves, and the minerals copper, zinc and selenium. Minerals are provided in a chelated form to ensure optimal absorption of these vital nutrients. Pavo Liga contains all the nutrients that good doers require for optimal health, a shiny coat and strong hooves. 

Important characteristics
  • Double amount vitamins and minerals per kilo concentrated
  • Low in energy
  • Extra copper, zinc, selenium and biotin
  • Organically bounded trace-elements




Suitable for:

  • All good doers requiring a low energy intake
  • Provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals in a minimal amount of fee
Feeding advice
  • Average advice for maintenance: 250 gram per 100 kg bodyweight per day.
  • Maximum advice in light work: 320 gram per 100kg bodyweight per day
  • The required amount depends on grazing and work

Feed scoop content

  • One full Pavo feed scoop Pavo Liga contains approximately 1.3 kg.

Product Specifications

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Wheat feed
Lucerne (alfalfa)
Soya hulls
Cane Molasses
Sodium chloride
Calcium carbonate
Magnesium Oxide
Brewer's yeast


Bags 20 kg
Bulk >2.000 kg

Storage advise

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Reclose after usage

Guaranteed analysis

Energy (DE) 10,4 MJ/kg
Energy (EWpa) 0,83 EWpa
Energy (ME) 8,8 MJ/kg
Dig. crude protein 88 gr/kg
Crude protein 12,1 %
Crude fat 3,9 %
Crude fibre 13,0 %
Crude ash 8 %
Sugar 6,8 %
Starch 23,7 %

Minerals and trace elements (per kg)

Calcium 0,81 %
Phosphorus 0,39 %
Sodium 0,55 %
Potassium 1,32 %
Magnesium 0,5 %
Copper 130 mg
Iron 240 mg
Zinc 520 mg
Manganese 330 mg
Selenium 1,6 mg
Iodine 2 mg

Chelated minerals
Organic form of Selenium

Shelf life

Bags 6 mth
Bulk Winter 3 mth
Bulk Summer 2 mth

Vitamin levels (per kg)

Vitamin A 30.000 IE
Vitamin D3 5.000 IE
Vitamin E 710 mg
Vitamin K3 7,0 mg
Vitamin B1 75 mg
Vitamin B2 30 mg
Vitamin B6 20 mg
Pantothenic acid 43 mg
Folin 16 mg
Nicotinamide 34 mg
Niacin 60 mg
D-Biotin 1050 mcg

Feeding advice kg/day

Bodyweight adult horse 200 kg 400 kg 600 kg
  kg / day kg / day kg / day
Maintenance 0,5 kg 1,0 kg 1,5 kg
Light work 0,6 kg 1,3 kg 1,9 kg

Frequently asked questions

How should horse feeds be stored?

All horse feeds should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. Close the bag after each use.

Do any Pavo products contain substances relevant to doping?

PAVO producten can be safetly used when you compete at FEI sanctioned competitions. For detailed information check our pages regarding product quality.

Due to different national doping requirements, please be aware of specific regulations regarding your home country.

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