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Pavo proudly presents OmegaFit

Feb 07, 2022 — With the launch of the new supplement Pavo OmegaFit, Pavo has entered into an exclusive territorial distribution agreement for Ahiflower® equine oil in the European Union. As a leading branded supplier of horse feeds and supplements in Europe, Pavo is very proud that the cooperation with Natures Crops International made this possible.

Unique aspects of Ahiflower oil

Pavo OmegaFit is made from 100% Ahiflower® oil, which is grown and produced exclusively by Natures Crops International (NCI) – a vertically-integrated producer of specialty oils for nutraceuticals, food, animal nutrition and personal care. Ahiflower® oil is a natural plant-based dietary oil with the richest combined omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid content ever. Next to that, it has published evidence of superior palatability with horses vs. equine fish oil and offers the most complete and balanced omega-3-6-9 fatty acids from a single source.

Benefits to horse health

Horse owners in Europe and North America who feed their horses Ahiflower® routinely report improved skin and coat health, immune and inflammation response benefits, and better mobility and joint health.

“As passionate horse owners ourselves, we care deeply about the well-being of horses as companion animals and high-performance athletes alike,” said Andrew Hebard, CEO of Natures Crops. “Therefore we are very pleased to enter into this Ahiflower supply relationship with Pavo.”

Rob Krabbenborg, product manager of Pavo: “It’s our mission to develop, produce and offer high quality horse feed, which we know contributes to the horse’s health. Since so many horses will benefit from Ahiflower® oil’s unique, clinically-validated fatty acid profile, we can’t be more proud to add this to our current Pavo supplement range.”


As of February 2022, Pavo distribute Ahiflower® oil as an unique equine feed supplement under the name Pavo OmegaFit. Horse owners can request and purchase this revolutionary supplement in all on- and offline distribution channels where Pavo products are sold.

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