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Pavo HayChunksHealthy roughage treat to keep your horse occupied in its stable or when travelling

Pavo HayChunks - Healthy roughage treat to keep your horse occupied in its stable or when travelling

About Pavo HayChunks

For a horse, eating roughage is the most important occupation; naturally they graze up to 16 hours per day. When your horse doesn’t have the opportunity to eat all day long, for instance because he is stabled a lot, this can result in boredom. The known stable vices, such as kicking against the door, wind-sucking or weaving, lie in waiting. Is your horse bored, is he confined to his stable for 8 hours a day (or more) or do you regularly travel? Then give your horse a few Pavo HayChunks: the healthy roughage snack which provides distraction and gives your horse an additional occupation.

Pavo HayChunks: healthy roughage treat for horses

Pavo HayChunks are ideal to feed in addition to your roughage, as a healthy snack or treat after work, or to provide your horse with some extra occupation. The chunks are compressed rolls about the size of a soda can and made of German herbal hay. The mountainous meadows from which the grass is harvested, are protected German nature reserves. The organic hay, which is of a consistent quality and has a low nutritional value, is harvested from unfertilised pastures. Which is why the HayChunks are safe for all types of horses and ponies, including horses that are sensitive to sugar or prone to obesity, but which you would like to provide with some extra roughage or occupation.

Is your horse kept on a roughage based diet and do you provide in addition to grass and/or hay only Pavo HayChunks? Then don’t forget to provide vitamins, minerals and trace elements with Pavo Vital or the Pavo SummerFit biscuits.  

Tips for feeding Pavo HayChunks

The fun thing about Pavo HayChunks is that you can feed them in various ways, off the ground, or in the feed bowl, or in a small hay net. The more difficult you make it for your horse to get them, the longer time it takes for him to finish them! So you kill two birds with one stone; your horse gets additional roughage and he is happily occupied for a long time. 

Feed Pavo HayChunks:

  • In a hay net: place 3 - 4 HayChunks (for sufficient weight) in a small hay net and possibly add some hay
  • Place the HayChunks on the ground, or hide a few in a portion of hay as a surprise 
  • Hand feed
  • In the feed bowl (works very well for keeping your horse calm around dinnertime!)

Nice to know: our test horses really like the Pavo HayChunks. When they are given a choice between normal hay and a chunk, all of them go for the chunk first!


Important characteristics
  • Healthy roughage snack
  • For extra occupation/distraction
  • Made from German herbal hay
  • Grain and molasses free
  • Low sugar content
  • Stimulates saliva production
  • Very palatable
  • Shelf life up to 2 years (when the package is closed properly and stored dry)
  • Suitable for all horses and ponies, in every diet
  • Ideal for horses that are sensitive to dust or mould
  • As extra roughage for horses in a livery stable
  • For horses that are bored/showing stable vices
Feeding advice

Pavo HayChunks can be hand fed, in the feed bowl or in a small hay net. They do not need to be soaked, but can be given dry. Do you own a senior horse or a horse with dental problems? In that case, you can soak the chunks in water which will make it easier for your horse to eat them.  

  • Daily advice: 1 to 4 HayChunks a day as an extra addition to the daily diet
  • Maximum: feed max. 4 chunks per day (= 1 kilo)

A box of Pavo HayChunks contains approximately 65-70 chunks (14 kg) Based on 4 chunks a day, 1 box will provide for 17 days of roughage treats.

Product Specifications

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meadow hay (high temperature dried, pelletized) 99 %
Soybean oil 1 %
Energy (EWpa) 0,54 EWpa
Energy (ME) 5,1 MJ/kg


Bags 14 kg

Shelf life

Bags 12 mth

Guaranteed analysis

Energy (EWpa) 0,48 MJ/kg
Crude protein 8,8 %
Crude fat 2,8 %
Crude fibre 24,8 %
Crude ash 9,5 %
Sugar 6 %
Starch -

Minerals and trace elements (per kg)

Calcium 0,46 %
Sodium 0,16 %
Magnesium 0,19 %

Feeding advice

Feeding advice
1-4 HayChunks Per day
This feed may be given up to a maximum of 1500g per 100 kg body weight per day

Water should always be available

Storage advise

Store in a cool, dry and dark place. Reclose after usage

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