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What are antioxidants? CellProtect explained

Some vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are identified as antioxidants, because they protect the body against the so-called “free radicals”. Free radicals are aggressive substances in the body that play a role in the fight against harmful bacteria but can also damage the own body cells. For example, a deficiency in antioxidants plays a role in the premature aging of cells.

This is why many supplements contain antioxidants such as vitamin E. Often a synthetic variant is added. Yet the horse’s body can only absorb a certain amount of synthetic vitamin E.

CellProtect in Pavo supplements

CellProtect, which can be detected in many Pavo supplements as a pale green grain, contains natural antioxidants from among other things, rosemary and curry. These antioxidants ensure the absorption of more auxiliary substances that have a supporting role in the protection against free radicals but are also useful in other body processes.

CellProtect ensures that more vitamin E is available for other necessary body processes, whilst the natural antioxidants contribute to neutralising the free radicals.

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