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Roughage analysis is a must

Roughage contains less and less energy and protein. This is shown by the analyses carried out by Pavo during the last decade.

How much energy and proteins does your roughage contain?

Having roughage analyzed is by no means standard practice. But it should be!
Roughage is the main part of the horse’s diet. It is important that you know its contents. Because it is only then that you are able to optimize a diet.

The Pavo Roughage Monitor has shown that hay and silage contain on average approximately 60 grams digestible crude proteins (D.C.P.) per kilo dry matter. Sport horses need at least 80 grams per kilo dry matter. The energy value is not much better. Most samples score under 8.8 MJ. A score of 6.0 MJ - which is no exception! - is comparable with the nutrient content of straw.

For competition horses roughage with higher energy and proteins levels is a first step in the right direction. But you only know exactly what it contains when you have an analysis carried out. A limited analysis costs approximately 80 euros and provides you with all the necessary information. Do not be put off by the multitude of numbers that you get back. Send this information to Pavo, and you will receive an explanation free of charge.

Overload of concentrate feedstuff is not desirable

Roughage with a higher energy content is not sufficient for competition horses. Additional supplements are required if true performances are asked from the horse. Pavo TopSport can restore the balance. Just adding extra concentrates to the diet has its disadvantages. Concentrate stuff contains a lot of starch because cereals form the basis. Starch has an adverse effect on the acidity of the stomach and intestines. An overload of concentrate feed will cause over-activity in the large colon as a result of which horses have precisely less energy.

Many horse owners are hesitant when it comes to proteins. “Completely unjustified,” says Krabbenborg. “Many people were told that too much proteins would cause lumps, swollen legs and even laminitis, however, sugar is usually the cause of these problems.”

Digestible crude protein in roughage for horses
Make sure you know what you feed your horse