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Explanation of the oats effect?

You often hear that horses get too ‘hot’ when they are fed oats. After reading the above that makes sense. Oats contain a lot of carbohydrates, which is broken down to sugar, which is quickly available for the quick working muscles. But a horse that is in full work really needs that energy.


So, why do some horses blow their brains after eating a small amount of oats?

The sugar in the body triggers the brain to produce Serotonin. This substance is a so-called ‘happy hormone’. Humans also produce Serotonin, for instance when we eat chocolate. We call it a ‘happy hormone’ because it makes us feel good, mentally and physically: ‘nothing can stop you’.
Serotonin has the same effect on horses; your horse feels happy and energetic: ‘nothing can stop him’.
It is a fact that the intensity of this effect differs for each individual. Not every horse reacts as strongly.

In the event that your horse is very sensitive to oats, then Nature’s Best is very suitable for your horse. It is 100% oats free.