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Brittle hooves

Looking after your horse’s feet is essential for your horse. A lot of problems with hooves stem from bad care and/or insufficient movement. Movement is extremely important for the development of healthy feet, including the hooves and joints in the foot. Movement stimulates the blood flow and that is essential for the transport of nutrients to keep the hooves healthy, elastic and in top condition.

Brittle hooves can be the result of very long periods of dry weather, insufficient movement, and shortcomings in the feed, bad fitting or old shoes.

Hooves need moisture. Applying hoof oil is one of the causes of problems. The oil makes the hooves reject moisture, which causes them to dry out. Walking around in wet grass every now and then is very good for the hooves of your horse. The hooves become elastic and shine without oil. During a dry period it even helps to wipe the hooves with a wet sponge after riding your horse.
Sometimes brittle hooves are caused by shortcomings in the feed. In these cases it is especially beneficial to give your horse Pavo BiotinForte to encourage the formation of new hoof. The quality of the hoof will visibly improve. Don’t forget that you have to use Pavo BiotinForte for 4 to 6 months before the results become visible.