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Pavo SpeediBeet for veterans

Pavo SpeediBeet is an ideal product for senior horses. Once soaked, the feed is palatable and easy to eat, even if your horse has missing teeth. As horses get older, the efficiency of their digestive system declines.  Thanks to special processing, SpeediBeet is easily digestible which makes it ideal for these horses.

A grateful customer
Horse owner Petra Swanston, like many veteran horse owners, struggled to keep weight on her horse. When he started scouring and his condition became even poorer, she considered having him put down because of his age and bad health. One of her friends recommended SpeediBeet, which is highly palatable, and packed with easily digestible fibres. So in a last attempt, Petra started feeding SpeediBeet.

I have recommended SpeediBeet to almost everyone who I know...
Petra explains: “And so the long process began...along with the help of some Elk Bark powder, which is known for its medicinal properties, we started feeding him SpeediBeet three times a day. Gradually he reduced the amount that he was scouring and began putting on weight again. Now, five years later, he is in better condition than ever.” Petra adds: “Thanks to your fantastic SpeediBeet, my Galloway celebrated his 35th birthday on 27 August this year. I have recommended SpeediBeet to almost everyone who I know!”