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Pavo SlobberA wonderful warm treat

Important characteristics

  • Complete well balanced feed, easy to prepare
  • Vitamin rich
  • High pure linseed content and extra vitamin C
  • Plenty of bran for stable digestion and a lower risk of colic
  • Very tasty, even for fussy eaters


  • Horses having difficulty eating or drinking during competitions
  • Veteran horses and horses with dental problems
  • For quick recovery after strenuous exercise or illness
  • Just as a healthy and delicious variation in your horse's diet

About Pavo Slobber

Pavo SlobberMash is a complete feed, to be mixed with warm water. It is extremely
suitable for fussy eaters and drinkers at competitions and for older horses with dental problems. Pavo SlobberMash can be used to aid a quick recovery after strenuous efforts, illness or simply as a tasty and healthy variation in your horse's menu.