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Pavo Nature's BestThe everyday health muesli

Important characteristics

  • Guaranteed free of oats
  • Very low in sugar (2%) and starch (24%)
  • Low protein content
  • Popped cereals for high digestibility
  • With spelt and alfalfa to stimulate chewing


  • Recreation horses and horses to L (light sport) 
  • Horses and ponies that are prone to quickly put on weight
  • Horses and ponies that are prone to laminitis.
  • Horses that become very hot in response to oats in their diet

About Pavo Nature's Best

Pavo Nature’s Best is a tasty, healthy high fibre muesli, especially developed for horses and ponies used for recreational riding or light sport. We also advise feeding this product to horses that are prone to laminitis or horses that get 'hot' when fed
whole oats.