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Pavo All SportsThe sport feed for every discipline

Important characteristics

  • energy-rich sports pellet with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • extra magnesium for the care of muscles and joints
  • added linseed for extra shine
  • maximum puffed cereal content to optimise digestion


  • For all sport horses in all disciplines

About Pavo All Sports

Success depends on disposition, character, training, management and a conscious decision to choose healthy feed. Pavo AllSports helps you to get your horse into healthy sports condition, and to keep it there. Various energy sources such as cereals (starch) and oil-bearing seeds provide the correct balance between fast and slow-release energy. The cereals are puffed as far as possible, which makes them highly digestible. Important building blocks for sport horses such as magnesium, organically-bound vitamin E and selenium are added to this product. Your horse will be more supple and will have improved stamina.